Wanderlust Callin'

A Short and Sudden Road Trip

So the man got Christmas break and with some idle time on our hands we decided to hit the road and drive off to Milwaukee! Yipppeee 😀 I just love it when you decide the destination on the spur and then keep altering the routes to include more exciting plans. And it just could not get better with Chicago added on our itinerary!

Wanderlust had gotten the better of us, and we had already seen the major attractions in Chicago 8-).But the illuminations at Christmas time was advised as a must see and oh boy wasn’t it true indeed. I know this is a 2015 chronicle but still it has been just a few days and am still in awe of how magnificent and mesmerizing are the Christmas lightings in this country. We do have huge Christmas trees and some extra illumination in town back in India but here entire stretches of roads and houses sparkles.I am NOT exaggerating when I say each house has a theme park set up in the front complete with a Santa, reindeers, snowman and sometimes even Disney characters all lighted up!

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Mesmerizing Magnificent Mile !

While Magnificent Mile in Chicago exceeded our expectations, we found the Milwaukee experience adding the perfect balance to the busy Chicago streets. Museums, restaurants, riverfront all within walking distance and the beautiful architecture lending the city a quaint charm. But the real reason we hit Milwaukee was the Harley-Davidson Museum. Being the birthplace of the legendary Harley-Davidson, the museum at Milwaukee had an extra edge to it.

Sprawled across 20acres, on the Milwaukee riverfront with more than 450 authentic Harley motorcycles and artifacts, history roars to life here. The hubby being a die hard motorcycle enthusiast was like a kid in a candy shop and could not get enough of it (though being a Yamaha bike owner he was missing Yamaha bikes a lot!)

Apart from seeing the evolution from the scratch of one of the world’s leading motorcycle brand, the hands-on displays to learn about the different types of engines and how it works and the origin of the Harley sound are really great. You can actually adjust some settings to modify the sound! (I had great fun with that and was content playing with them rather than figuring out the underlying mechanics and the geek stuff 😛 )

We got the chance actually to see all sorts of Harley right from the motorized bicycles to mail delivery motorcycle with side cars and those used by the U.S. Army in World War II.

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Ooh and not to forget the T2 motorcycle used by our dear old Terminator trying to protect John Connor 😀 This is one of the few surviving 1990 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycles ACTUALLY ridden by Schwarzenegger during the filming of the Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Cool huh ?

4 termi

And the best part of the museum (according to me :D) was where you could actually sit on those sexy machines and click pics. If only they had allowed to ride also! Sigh ! :/ Not that I can but, at least, I could sit behind my racer hubby and vroom off 8-).(Oh yes back in college he was a daredevil and used to do all kind of stunts and participate in races and still bears the marks of a few accidents like some medal. Bah). Anyways I did not miss the opportunity to sit on each and every Harley kept for posing and had an awesome time clicking away the memories. Some of those motorcycles were so huge that I had to stretch myself to look in proportion with the bike ! O_o

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Harley Harley Everywhere ❤

Time just flew by in the museum and after visiting the delightfully lit Pere Marquette Park, the beautiful riverfront and a short tour around the city, the cold slowly started to get to us, and we decided to call it a day.

With a looong ride from Milwaukee, we hit Cave Point County Park in the Cape Cod of the Mid-West, the Door County. It was a very scenic drive, and we even decided to drive with the windows down and sunroof open only to shiver and crank up the heat later ! 😮 Our destination soon arrived and was absolutely breathtaking. The shorelines, the cliffs, the view, the underwater caves that were formed over thousands of years from the surf pounding against the limestone bluffs, everything was incredible. ❤

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The winds were blowing hard off Lake Michigan, and we could actually hear a thunder-like sound when the waves crashed against the cliffs. The water spray could shoot up to 20 feet in the air, but sadly we did not experience that. In summer, the different sizes of rocks are kept one top of another and artistically built along the shore, only to be destroyed each winter when ice and waves push against the shore. We tried building one as well though it was already winter 😀

The one we made 🙂











How it looks in Summer

So that was our last trip in 2015, and now we are all set for the 2016 ones.
I hope the new year brings all of us everything we hope for and one day we can look back and say “Wow, that was one awesome year we had ” 🙂


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