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2016- An year to have Awesome Moviecations !

Hello, all. I know there has been quite a long gap after my first two posts but it is quite difficult to blog when you are lost for words (or any sense for that matter) when you are in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter !!! Oh yes, we made our winter escape to Universal Studios in Orlando and had an amazing “out-of-this-world” time there, especially being such huge Potterheads. 😀 I hope to make up the lag in my posts by writing about our experiences there and give you some incredible insider tips to minimize crowds and maximize your enjoyable moments before you plan your next vacation to this mesmerizing and one of a kind theme park.

As much as we would all like to go on exotic vacations every month, unless our parents tell us “It was all fake, we are millionaires. This was just to teach you to be humble” 😛 or we hit a huge jackpot, it will remain a distant dream. But the good news is we can have some splendid “moviecations” this year which will not make a deep cut in our wallets. 😀 There is something to look forward to for every denomination of movie fans. From the superhero addicts to animation admirers to star struck cinephiles, everyone has their share. 😎 So grab a coke and a crunchy popcorn bucket (with some cheddar sprinkled of course)and please get ready for exploring the upcoming moviecations in 2016. I have listed out the name, the releasing date in the US and the trailers month wise for you to decide which is a go and a no-go. 😀

  1. The Revenant

This one is already out with rave reviews and starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy in lead roles. The gripping and gut-wrenching storyline and the stellar performances really makes it a must-see. If you have read any coverage of the movie, you will be already familiar with the on-set horror stories: the biting cold, the miserable cross-country vagabonds to isolated locations. You can actually feel each and every grunt and the stomp of effort put in by the crew. Do NOT miss this one.

  1. Kung Fu Panda 3  – Jan 29 

Released just a few days ago, this is a movie which needs no introduction 😀 If you could never get enough of the awesomeness of one panda, this one is bound to leave you happy and contented when you are transported to the secret valley of the adorable cutie-pandas. I just saw it yesterday and would say that it has a lot of “skadoosh” to offer 🙂

  1. Deadpool – Feb 12

The X-Men fans are in for a huge treat with two films of the mutant world being released the same year! However, this one has an added comic(and romantic ?) twist to the plot and though it is releasing only on Feb 12, there was a surprise screening of the WHOLE movie to select audience and people reacted saying it is the best movie ever and drop dead awesome etc. etc. Pretty effusive eh? Let us wait and watch.

  1. Zootopia –March 4

The storyline of Disney Animation’s Zootopia is not terribly hard to follow. Everything is the same like today except humans did not exist. But the sprawling cities are constructed, run, and populated by non-human animals who behave like humans. But just in case you are still confused, check out the trailer. And oh it has got Shakira giving a “gazellastic” performance as well. Here is a look at the song. ❤

  1. London Has Fallen– March 4

Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler starring in a gripping action thriller that promises to deliver high-octane excitement and some more action and adventure compared to its prequel, Olympus has Fallen! O_o

  1. Batman Vs Superman-Dawn of Justice – March 25

Now this one is what I call the whole package 8-). One of the most eagerly awaited films of the year and needs no introduction or description. The superhero buffs will know what I am talking about and the rest have no idea what they are missing in life 😉

  1. Jungle Book– April 15

You must have already got a glimpse of the trailers and posters and if you have not do yourself a favor and check it out ASAP. The cartoon where the lil kiddo Mowgli  prancing with the wild animals and taking a sojourn through the jungle has been redefined into a one-of-a-kind thrilling experience immersing the audience into an enchanting and lush jungle.

  1. Captain America: Civil War –May 6

Let me break this for you. Iron Man vs Captain America. Need any more reasons? Watch the trailer and find out for yourself!

  1. Angry Birds – May 20

I start grinning ear to ear whenever I think of this film XD . So adorable and hilarious and who would have thought that the game could be made into something so marvelous. Count me in on this one.

  1. The Nice Guys– May 20

So this is an NSFW trailer but it is so uproarious and entertaining. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling cast in the “frenemies solve a case” genre of action/comedy. Ah looks like May is the month for a lot of moviecations 😎

  1. X-Men Apocalypse– May 27 

What did I just say? Oh boy, May IS the month. After quite a long time we have all the X-Men we know of fighting an almost unassailable villain giving us some edge of seat excitement. Let us all dig into some bounty of mutant goodness 😉

  1. Now you see me: The Second Act– June 10

As if the first movie was not captivating enough the second one has got an ace in their pocket to make the magician heist sequel more alluring: Harry Potter. Could you ask for more? There is a lot of magic in the air folks *wink wink*

  1. The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist – June 10

The first Conjuring movie was a gigantic hit, grossing $318 million worldwide and the trailer proves that the second one is as good or even better. I hear that horror movie fans look forward to this one like crazy and is one of the most frightening trailers of all times. 😮

P.S. – I am not at all a fan of horror movie genre but respect the category and thus this one found its place into my list.

  1. The Secret Life of Pets– July 8

There are some quite adorable pets in that trailer to behold. It is cuteness and fun overloaded. Especially the last scene XD .Hope the film turns out to be worthwhile too.

  1. Ice age: Collision Course – July 22 

Get ready to face the cosmic “Scrat-Tastrophe” this July. So finally does our dear old scrat get to play a lead character in the 5th installment of the blockbuster animated franchise? We do not have details yet but am sure it will be great fun like all Ice Age movies.

  1. Suicide Squad – August 5

I am a huge superhero buff and the same can be said for supervillains also 😀 But after watching this trailer was I sold? Or did I want to see more ? Hm.Difficult one. But whether we are going to like it or not, the film will not go ignored. I sort of hope it clicks >:D

  1. Doctor Strange – Nov 4

Sherlock Holmes as Doctor Strange. Oops I mean Benedict Cumberbatch 😀 Trailer has not been released yet but here is a picture I found online. He sure looks pretty comfortable as Dr.Stephen Strange who, after a horrifying car accident, discovers the secret world of magic and alternate dimensions.

  1. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them– Nov 18

Christmas will come quite early for Potterheads 😀 On November 18th to be precise 😎 The trailer looks incredible and Eddie Redmayne and Colin Farrell starring in a Harry Potter franchise. Who saw that coming? O_o. I am luvving it and looking very eagerly to meet Newt Scamander.

There are tons of other movies as well which are making its round around the web. A few of them are Finding Dory, Rogue One- A Star Wars Story, The Legend of Tarzan, Assassins Creed, Warcraft etc.I am sure the last two movies would be lapped up by the avid gamer community across the world. Anyways we have a LOT of moviecations to look forward to, so gear up with your popcorn buckets 😀

11 thoughts on “2016- An year to have Awesome Moviecations !

  1. I really enjoyed Deadpool! Trailerfor Batman vsSuperman was enough to put me off for that one completely. Heard a lot of good stuff about Zootopia and realyy curious to see more of the Jungle Book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh yess. I could not agree mooore 😀 Deadpool was incredible. Such a laugh riot 😀 I am looking forward to Batman Vs Superman sooo eagerly and now the days are just numbered. ❤ Just missing Christian Bale though :\ But Ben Affleck seems to be awesome though. Hmm..


  2. Hi, Minaxi, Like the term moviecation. The movie, I’ve only seen from your list is Kungfu Panda 3. Kungfu series is always motivational.

    Liked by 1 person

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