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An Amazing Quote We Need to Follow Right Away!


I stumbled upon this quote recently and it immediately caught my attention. Life does not have to be ALL about your breadwinner and daily duties. Yet too often there are so many of us living this way.

Life and work, and life and love, are innately linked to another but we miss this obvious fact. Maybe your long time dream was to be a certified photography professional but you ended up in a 9-5 run-of-the-mill job. But does that mean you let the photographer in you die ? You can still be the candid photographer in your best friends wedding or capture the innumerable picturesque locales nature has in store. Make sure that you follow your passion and devote at least some time to do what you LOVE from your heart. There is a lot of courage and respect in revealing your true self to the world and being bold in what you love and how you love.

Do not just ‘endure’ your life. In the end, we should all be ‘excited’ to be alive 🙂


12 thoughts on “An Amazing Quote We Need to Follow Right Away!

  1. I totally believe in this..there’s so much to life than to sit in the office and work your ass off. I believe in doing all things in moderation..yes we need money because its conducive to happiness,but there’s more to money . Brilliant quote to live by everyday!

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  2. This is true. A great career that you love can all too soon become the rat race your loathe. The hours and the exertion leaves you with nothing left. I know this all too well. This was a great reminder and confirmation for me.

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