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A Wonderful Quote to Inspire Us.


I believe this is such an incredible quote which can brighten anyone’s day. It surely did mine 🙂 Sometimes we hit tough spots in life and we end up building walls around ourselves when we discover that we have flaws which we deem unacceptable, mistakes which are intolerable and sorrows which we believe as inconsolable. We subject ourselves to a feeling that we are good for nothing and convince us (and anyone who tries to comfort us also) that the dreadful times we are in is never going to improve. “Go away. Nothing is going to change”. How many times would we have said this sentence or variations of this in our life?

Little do we realize that instead of dwelling on our sorrows and misfortunes and close ourselves off to any feelings trying to go numb, we need to confront our weaknesses, our fears and all those daunting emotions. Only then we can welcome in love to strengthen us. When we allow our loved ones to mend our broken heart and encourage us and make us strong, we are expanding and evolving our relationship with that individual and taking it to new heights. Not only do you both grow in your intimacy, but you also give that individual the opportunity to reiterate their friendship, loyalty, and love for you by being there, by being sincere, by being true, and by enacting love. ❤

Most of all we must appreciate the fact that it is those troubled nights which are responsible for our brightest days. When we grieve, we realize the value of laughter further and let it more in our life. When we make mistakes we learn how to correct them and perform better. Only when we embrace our weaknesses we emerge stronger and rise as a better individual in all aspects.

Let us all try to be someone who can weather the storm yet dance in the rain when a chance comes.

P.S. – In the quote it was originally “I am a lover because I have felt hate” but I feel that hate should not be a reason for belief in love which is such a pure and beautiful feeling. In fact, the best feeling in the world if you ask me. When you are in love all the other positive emotions come to you naturally. Hope, Happiness, Gratitude, Inspiration… the list never ends. Love is all that and more. So I changed it to this 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Wonderful Quote to Inspire Us.

    1. Thank you so much girlie 🙂 Since you have not divulged your name I would have to resort to calling you girlie/girl or all sort of adjectives for a female 😀 If you have any pseudoname in your mind please let me know 😉


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