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Heylooow and Hugs from the Pink-Haired Lady! (with an Excluuuusive Update for the WordPress Family <3 )

Heylooow beautiful people of the blogging realm ❤ Remember me? The pink- haired wanderlusting advocate of happilyeverafters? Anyone there?

*crickets chirping*

Sigggh! I know I know. I admit it was a looong time I was missing in action here! Well, we surely have a LOT to catch up on and trust me when I say, not a single day passed by without me fondly remembering my “wordpress blogging days of yore” and missing you all 😦 Some of you dearies were in Instagram( this is my insta URL dearies )   and it was awesome to connect with you in the world of all those incredible images but still nothing quite like blogging! The brunches, comments, awards surely I must say when I started blogging I never imagined I would get so attached to the blogosphere, but with such kind and sweet-hearted community I share I guess this was bound to happen ❤

Sooo to catch up from my end, hubby graduated and now we are in New York! Yes yes! The very same company he did internship offered him a full-time and this New York sick girl could not be happier! 😀 ( though a little birdie tells me that she now wishes for the PNW or was it the southwest USA? Aaargh the perils of being a wanderluster :\ )

Things were crazy for a few months with all the packing-unpacking, moving madness and the never-ending apartment hunting to find something which doesn’t break our bank! Anyhoo we got sorted into an apartment after eons of searching and settling in slowly. There are still boxes to be unpacked though thanks to the humungous amount of laziness hubby and I happily share! 😛

All loaded and ready for the groooovy move to N E W Y O R K! 😀 And for those who are wondering is that all, we did use a storage service too for moving the rest of our stuff 😉

Buuuut this is NOT the Excluuuusive update I have for you!  Before you start attacking me with virtual pitchforks or dismiss this off as a casual banter, let me reveal to you this with mixed emotions,


Aaand YOU my dearest wordpress family members are the FIRST ones to whom I am rolling out my brand new self-hosted website ❤ Not to my Facebook friends or Twitter peeps or Instagram buddies, but to this kind, super-awesome blogging family who inspired me to take this huge step. Without your continuous loving support I would have never done this and it only seemed fair to me that it should be YOU who should be knowing this first 🙂

The content is still going to be the same with my usual fun-filled travel tales and tips and shining my positive pink light to try and minimize the sneaking negativity in our life.

Still doubtful on the change? Yes, I can see your eyebrows forming a question mark there 😉 Here you go, an excerpt from my “About” section of the new blog in case you were wondering 🙂

“ What is in this blog for You?

Travel Tales, Tips and Hacks, and Pointers for Happily-Ever-Afters

Before you jump to any conclusions (or roll your eyes!) let me get a few things cleared up. We are a “normal” couple still learning from all of our triumphs, scrapes, and falls in life but we do firmly believe in fairy tales and miracles and always make effort to keep our positive pants on. So even if it is hard work we can vouch that “happily-ever-afters” are far from non-existent as everyone says. We feel it must not be restricted to just “couple-love” and should be more about making a conscious choice to work towards whatever “love” it is that keeps the smiles longer on your face every single day. 

And yes, you will surely get to read a lot of travel-related posts since we are avid travelers. But we are balancing our passion for traveling with the woes of adulting and budgeting, so while you would not be able to see us flitting off to exotic destinations every month, we do try to get our cure for wanderlust locally too and would surely let you in on all of the experiences, tips and tricks whether local or overseas.

 Rather than posting a bunch of photoshopped pretty photos captioned with witty one-liners, whatever purposeful and positive actions can come out of this blog, THAT is what we want to pursue. We would be surely over the moon if our blog inspired you to hit the road or helped to plan your next holidays, and at the least we hope, with this blog you find your day just a little bit brighter than it was. At the end of the day we just want to be genuine and able to relate with YOU, our readers and help you in whatever way we can, whether it is travel, adventure, love or positive thoughts.”

 Howzzaaaat ? 😀 Okay, now that the happy part is done, moving on to the scary part! I am going out of the comfort bubble of that neat little “Follow” button of the wordpress reader to join the other zillion blogs out there (those which even earn six figure incomes solely from the blog! Gulp!) and the thought is very, VERY intimidating. To be honest, sometimes I even question my sanity for venturing out into this self-hosted blogging! But, a small voice inside my head and a screaming voice in the room(hubby of course who is the poor soul subjected to a frequent dose of my nagging fearful doubts!) keep saying “ If you never try, you will never know”.

So I am taking a deep breath and making the plunge! I hope this kind and wonderful blogging family would give me one more chance and hit the coveted “Subscribe” button at  For those of you who prefer Bloglovin’, I have included that cute little heart button as well 🙂 I would be definitely following you all back and spreading my comment love like I have always been(except when I am fueling my wanderlusty needs or moving to another city 😉 ) but even then when I hit the base I would be surely catching up with you all!  Right now the new blog has posts imported from my gameplanhappilyeverafter and I will be posting new ones in the coming days 🙂

I have also retained all our comments and chit-chats even if it’s a new space as I just could not bring myself to delete them, sooo many happy memories associated with each and every one of them 🙂 ❤ 🙂

I am alllll ears to know your comments/suggestions/feedback on the new space and I really really hope you would check out my happy place at  And now, I am just a girl… standing in front of my wordpress family… asking to subscribe to her new self-hosted blog!( Notting Hill moment here 🙂 )


Much Love, ❤
Minaxi 🙂

18 thoughts on “Heylooow and Hugs from the Pink-Haired Lady! (with an Excluuuusive Update for the WordPress Family <3 )

  1. Hey gorgeous lady, how awesome to see you back here and I’m so thrilled and excited at your brave step into the unknown. 💥 Of course you know I’ll be there with you. Look forward to following along on your whirlwind pink adventures. Have fun dear Minaxi. Warmest wishes and even warmer hugs from down under. xo 💕😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hiyaa Jessica 😀 Thank youuu for your wishes ❤ ❤ Surely you must be thinking how can I turn up one fine morning and just announce this and expect everyone to subscribe 🙂 I admit I have been missing in action for a looong time and I will surely make it up to each and every one of you 🙂 I hope when you squeeze in some free time, you would kindly check out my new space and let me know your thoughts on it 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure no one thinks that at all. I, for one, am just happy to see you and your lovely pink hair. I sure will check out your new site! I’m excited for you! Sounds like you’ve had some adventures. Can’t wait to hear about them!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. 😀 😀 must be my guilty conscience then 😉 Thank you sooo much for being so kind-hearted and receiving me with open arms 🙂 The site still has my old posts only, but the look and feel is tooootally changed 😀 I will be adding posts sooon 🙂 From adventure perspective, yesss moving to NYC and surviving all the snow storms was really exciting and we are off on a short trip to California in two days!(mostly for hubby’s work but still will try to squeeze in some time to roam too!) I am sooo excited. This is the first time we are going to see the west of the US ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! That will be a great time! And, you’re welcome. No guilt around these parts, seems like people do the best they can where blogging is concerned. Glad you’re back.


  2. So happy to have you back 💕 and looking forward to your local adventures!! 😊 I’m curious: Did you use a hosting company to help you set up the new site or did u manage it all by yourself? I’ve been wondering if you need to be very techy… and also what the difference is, how is it easier to earn 6 figures while self-hosting? Hmm? Let me know when u figure out the answers, hahah! 😉☺️


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