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Ah ! The First Time.

So my blog is up and running and here I am pondering over all these topics running amok in my head shouting “pick me pick me” ! Just as I was about to pick one of them there was this wild card entry who persuaded me to give the readers a raw perspective of how this blog came about and what to expect.

So Why A Blog In The First Place ?

Why Blog? card with colorful background

Well I would have loved to tell you this perfect story of me being inspired by one of those life-changing moments or being a seasoned writer by profession, blogging comes to me naturally and all that. But umm the truth about this decision to blog burgeons from the fact that I am a chatterbox ! Back in college and even in my office where I had to do a lot of the boring coding (used to be a software techie and hated it, more on that later !) I always used to find time to rant my thoughts for hours with some innocent friend of mine or even my bosses :D. And they used to tell me I should maybe start penning all this down and I would do great. Whether it is because they loved it or wanted to get over with it fast I still wonder sometimes. 😛 Anyways some of my ramblings even helped them to overcome some tough spots in their lives and I would surely want to believe in the first reason and here I am !

This blog would be the one-stop destination where I can freely express my thoughts and feelings and share a few (wacky) ideas I have, which could bring some happiness and positive changes to the people who come across my blog. And of course listen to your ideas as well so that we will both have made our path to happiness a little more perfect. I firmly believe that happiness often lies in the small li’l things in our daily life but we go stomping across the place to find some big ones all the while ignoring the obvious ones.  Life is small and the beauty of it is in those tiny details. It is in those moments we stop trying so hard to be grand and allow ourselves to be small, to be real.

I am surely not going to make promises about giving life lessons and shortcuts to “happily-ever-afters” on a platter! But I can assure you that this blog would have only the truth and things which we wish were true and the things that makes us pause right in the middle of our happening life and yes, things we do not typically say out loud. However I would be also sharing my journey, the little wanderlust-escapades we have and whatever tickles my fancy under the sun ! I am planning to categorize all these soon so that YOU guys, my wonderful readers get the maximum out of this blog ! 🙂

I do simply love writing and know that it is something which you can always go back to when you are overwhelmed with emotions and it almost becomes a part of you(I used to write in college and even won prizes for the literary events ;)).But I also admit that, one of my darkest fears is if my blog would be drowned in the ocean of all the amazing blogs out there ! But then I realized if mine made some difference in atleast one person’s life it would be still worth it ! And to add on, since none of us know how long we are going to be a part of this crazy perfect life, till the time I get to hang around, I may as well make as much noise as I can rather than being a silent spectator 😀


So as I hit publish, I hope you would have some fun with my blog and I would absolutely love if you indeed get inspired with my posts but most of all I wish when you leave, you find your day is just a little bit brighter than it was 🙂

20 thoughts on “Ah ! The First Time.

    1. Awwwww. What a nice thing to say Jessica <3. You just made my day or maybe my week ahead ❤ Apart from the fact that I am really trying to impart happiness and positive energy on my blog, when someone tells you that you are actually doing it, it feels so amazing. Thanks a tonnn for your lovely feedback. 🙂 I feel like taking a printout of your comment 😛

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    1. “Enchanting world” .. Wow..That is like one of the best compliments I can ever hope to get!!! I guess I will enjoy cloud 9 for sometime before I get back to earth 😀 Thanks a bunch for dropping by and your loveliest words and of course the likes and follow ❤ Much much appreciated dearie 🙂

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  1. So i decided, i will read each in every single post starting from your first and go all the way up to give you that special treat. Reading through this has reminded me about how truly the beautiful blogging world is blessed to have you as an addition. You are a great being Meenakshi, humble and kind are not the only feature that stand out within you. Your flawless nature of spreading joy around stuns me. Just like in this post, an introduction well set out to kick start a blog.
    As our friendship builds up to its peak, I’ll tell you this too, the post has also reminded me, why we started a blog, which is actually a long story summed up in few words, “In life, where there is no way out… make your own way”. I and Michelle are a long distance couple, and we are finding our spot in life where destiny finally gets us together. Surprised? 😀 – Cezane.
    Next read:Coming soon 🙂

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    1. Ah, long distance relationship 🙂 I myself was a victim of that for several years before my boyfriend and I came to the same place and then got married after waging a war with parents :D(it ended in a truce by Gods grace 🙂 ) Hope destiny works its way to put you both soon together 🙂
      Thank you so much Cezane for your lovely words and seriously everytime you comment I am left beaming here and thanking my stars you found my blog in this vast sea of blogs! And a BIG thanks for the lovely treat 😉 A like and a comment ❤ Loving it! Though maybe you could start your way from my most latest post and then go backwards 🙂 You are quite an exquisite blog in the blogging community for sure and I cherish your blog and our friendship a lot 🙂 Thanks again for the lovely comments and looking forward to the next read 🙂

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